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Drink That Eliminates Hangovers

An American Self Made Scientist Has Invented a Drink That Eliminates Hangovers

Self-made Scientist Reynald Vito Grattagliano has invented a non-drug molecule that mimics the effects of alcohol: without the hangover and the ill effects.

Reynald Vito Grattagliano, self-made scientist has his way. Earlier last year, he revealed that he has discovered a new molecule called W.A.R.M extracted from Capsaicin commonly known as Chili Pepper that mimic the sensation of the kick and burn effect of the alcohol without the regrettable side effects.

The first of Reynald’s wonder non drug drink is the “W.AR.M MOLECULE ALCOHOL SUBSTITUTE” a non-toxic, non- drug, safe and non inebriant drink that induces the same but carries no risk of hangover, aggression, loss of control or any of the general mess that comes from hammering your liver with a toxic compound.

“It targets the parts of the brain that give the good effects of alcohol but not those that give the bad effects,” explains Reynald who say that the alcohol substitute will be marketed soon as a companion to regular drinks and soft drink, and be relatively cheap to buy once produced industrially.

There are NO CONCERN about the safety of the W.A.R.M molecule because it is extracted naturally from the capsaicin and it does not contain any benzodiazepine derivative or any drug of any kind, therefore the W.A.R.M molecule drink produced by The Alcohol Substitute is a non-drug alternative drink and it is not addictive.

When the Alcohol Substitute drink  is mixed with your drink, it is  impossible to become drunk in any way of form.

*Non Addictive safe Molecule


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