Alcohol-Free Whisky Labeled by Time Magazine as “The O’Doul’s of Spirits”

There are times when even those who can’t imbibe still need a stiff drink. Luckily, an outside-the-box-thinking company has recognized the plight of pregnant women, religious abstainers, lightweights and recovering alcoholics. Behold, the nonalcoholic whisky.

Gothamist informs us that the beverage ArKay is being branded as the O’Doul’s of hard alcohol. And, indeed, the company’s website notes that the product brings you “[t]he exceptional taste of whisky without the alcohol making a perfect beverage that anyone can consume.” Sounds pretty ideal, no?

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Think again, says the Scotch Whisky Association. A representative from the association (which, yes, actually exists) has said of the product: “Such promotion is taking advantage of the high-quality reputation of the product that is whisky, which is a distilled spirit produced from natural ingredients, when it is in fact just a soft drink with artificial flavourings.”

O.K., a whisky-flavored soda changes things slightly. Not only does that not sound appealing, it also sounds like a sugar high waiting to happen. However, we’re still betting it’ll put hair on your chest, just like the real thing. And that’s what every pregnant woman wants, right?







The ‘O’Doul’s Brand is a trademark registered by  Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated Corporation Missouri which is not affiliated  in any way with Alcohol Substitute or it subsidiaries


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